Iona Wines

After months of searching and 40 farm visits later, Andrew and a very tired estate agent stumbled upon a solitary run down apple farm on a mountain top overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. The rolling hills and the drive up the mountain to where the farm was situated, 420 meters above sea level, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, was unlike anything he had ever seen. It was love at first sight. Iona's philosophy is to make wine that expresses the soils and climate as closely as possible, making use of sustainable farming methods and to maximise the use of natural products in farming and winemaking. Everything is done in-house – from the vineyard to the wine distribution. For Andrew and Rozy, Iona is the sole source of their focus, passion and great joy. 

Highlands Road, Elgin
Western Cape, South Africa
T.  +27 28 284 9678     M.  +27 82 604 2460


Monday to Friday from 09h00-17h00
Weekends by appointment