Our Story

Experience our magic


If you think Elgin’s fruit burst with purity and flavour … wait until you taste our Wines!

The secret of our famous fruits?


Take the biosphere in which our maritime mountain basin called is located. It’s the richest and most diversified on earth. Right! The earth!

See what we mean about being lucky? But wait!
Take our elevation, 350 metres above sea level and a stone’s throw distance from it. That makes Elgin South Africa’s coolest climate wine region.

Right, lucky again

Because our unique, cool elevation and maritime environs adds up to Elgin grapes ripening on their vines longer. Longer than local in-land and many of the world’s most famous wine region too!

Then there’s technical stuff

Rainfall?     We’re tops.
Cool evening temperatures?     The lowest! Cloud cover, the most.
All-important soil?     Yup, lucky again! We don’t have one, but seven from which to choose!

So you see, it’s all luck, but get this – it’s our luck!

And, uniquely so.
That’s why we grow world famous fruit and internationally awarded wines that burst with fruit, purity, pose and complexity.

And we’d like to share our luck with you …